Monday, February 06, 2006


I was feeling a little low this weekend.

Not so low that it interfered with my overall enthusiastic demeanor or ability to get things done (which is a good thing, since I work weekends), but I was feeling low nonetheless. And the ridiculous part is that my negativity was triggered by something that is, at the end of the day, so meaningless and inconsequential to my life that it doesn't even bear mentioning. In other words, I basically walked around in a low-grade funk over... for all intent and purposes... nothing.

But then I decided to stop endowing this meaningless nothing with so much power. I looked those insipid little insecurity and funk monsters right in the eyes and showed them what kind of kick-ass superhero I really am. And I stand triumphant; I have been declared champion! Even the French ice-skating judges have given me a perfect 10. And while the funk monsters may dare to rear their ugly heads again, they'll never forget who they're trying to mess with.

In other words: I'm feeling much better, thanks for asking. And in honor of my newly restored funk-free existence, I'm going to take a cue from Terry and post some things in life that make me happy. So in no particular order:

1. The endorphin rush running produces.
2. All the music I love and the excitement of discovering new favorite songs and bands.
3. Spending the day, or even just a few hours, at the spa.
4. Candy.
5. The first kiss with a boy I have nursed a crush on. Even if he later behaves like a jerk, nothing can erase the delight of that moment. Cue Jay and the Americans song here, please.
6. Champagne.
7. Being so involved in a book that I even look forward to spending time on MUNI because it will give me a chance to read.
8. When I used to act (and on the rare occasions I grace the stage now), the times when my connection with the other person in the scene would create a moment so truthful and unique, it could never be replicated... and it would feel like I was flying.
9. Watching other actors create amazing moments, be it on stage, film or tv.
10. Jimmy Fallon's character in the movie Fever Pitch. How could I not love him? He was cute-- hell, he looked like Jimmy Fallon-- he loved baseball, and he taught math. Math! If he'd played an instrument, too, I would have crawled into the movie and tried to steal him from Drew Barrymore's character.
11. My years at Brown.
12. Laughing and making people laugh.
13. Girly dresses that fit perfectly.
14. The time three and a half years ago when a friend of mine told me I light up a room when I walk into it. He and I actually aren't friends anymore (it happens), but I'll always remember him saying that.
15. All the people in my life who love me. When I take a moment to think about how many there are, I get a little overwhelmed by how lucky I am.

And, hey... speaking of people in my life, something potentially glorious is brewing in my friend Ann Marie's world right now. It's not my business to tell you, but Ann Marie is one fabulous chica, so I'm very excited for her.

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terry said...

nice list!
and if you're like me, you've already thought of more things you'd like to add to it.

you're such a tease, re: anne marie...