Friday, September 29, 2006

The Cutest Thing

My friend Luke told me the cutest thing ever tonight. It's not a huge deal, but basically he said that he is at least conscious of dropping some of his really self-destructive habits because about nine months ago I looked him straight in the eye and told him that I care about him and think he should take better care of himself. I am not in the habit of saving of people and have no interest of getting into said habit, but still, that is too cute. Whether Luke actually changes his behavior or not, I feel a little humbled by the idea that my concern at least got him to consider it.

I'd say that's pretty good for a girl who is afraid of intimacy and has no interest in saving people.

In other Sassy happenings, the first rehearsal of my music project went very well tonight. I am one of two singers in a band. That's right, me in a band. We are, thankfully, being guided by a music teacher, and for the record, said teacher, Chris, is kind of hot, even though I think he's about 100 years younger than me. He's very supportive, enthusiastic and smiley, though, and he does an excellent job of convincing our band that we don't suck. By the way, did I mention he's kind of hot? We actually will be performing in a couple of months, but I need a few more rehearsals before I decide if I will tell you where or when.


Scott said...

an English Beat cover band perhaps?

terry said...

awww... that luke comment is really sweet.

isn't it amazing when you realize you've touched someone's life, without knowing it?