Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Music That's Making Me Happy Today, vol 21

The Moore Brothers and The Matinees at the Make Out Room

The Moore Brothers and The Matinees prove that you don't need a lot of bells and whistles to make good music. Armed with only their voices and a couple of guitars, both groups crooned sweet harmonies that created a most melodic evening.

I've actually wanted to see The Moore Brothers for almost two years but have been perpetually stymied in that quest for one reason or another. But after hitting the Make Out Room with Tom and Ann Marie last night, I am a Moore virgin no longer. And it was worth the wait. I have to admit, they seemed a little bit stoned, but they were still really good. And I have never smoked pot (honestly), so what do I know from stoned or sober? I'd never heard of The Matinees before, and they turned out to be quite a treat. Discovering new bands is one of the best parts of going to live music shows. There was a third band on the bill, but they stank, so I'll leave them out of this volume.

One thing I have to remember when I go to the Make Out Room, however, is that their cocktails are very, very strong. I had two cosmopolitans and felt like I'd had about fifty. The fact that I'd worked a ten hour day and hadn't eaten anything substantive since about 2:00 probably didn't help matters. I've known for years that Make Out Room bartenders pour with a heavy hand, but I need to act on that knowledge and stick with beer, cider or, better yet, club soda when I go there.

There is, of course, more live music in the offing. Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen are playing the Hemlock Tavern on the 29th. Tom and I talked with our co-worker Jaclyn about going to see the Two Gallants at the Bottom of the Hill next month. The Knitters are also coming to town in October. And I just learned that The Beautiful South will be at the Fillmore in November! I am sooooo there.

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