Saturday, September 30, 2006

Closing Time Comes Quickly at the Hemlock Tavern

That's certainly what Carolyn and I learned last night. We had gone to the Hemlock Tavern with Carolyn's fiance, Dima, and my live music buddy, Tom, to see Tippy Canoe and the Paddlemen. I have extolled the virtues of Tippy and her Paddlemen on this space before, but I can't say enough good things. They are absolutely my new favorite local band, and you should do yourself a favor and see them as soon as possible. Tippy's music is proof that combining pop hooks with country elements and adding a ukulele yields excellent results.

Tippy was second on the bill, and the whole show started about an hour late. So Dima actually didn't see any of it, as he was tired after a long work week and went home at about 10:30. Tom saw the first band, The Jolenes, but had to leave to pick up his girlfriend from work before Tippy's set was done. Carolyn and I went the distance, though. We bought CD's from Tippy after her performance (only $5, kids) and had a drink with her, as well. Carolyn and I had no interest in the headliner, however, so we settled into seats at the window and engaged in our brand of droll and compelling conversation over Newcastle and Stella.

Before we knew it, we heard these startling words: "Last call!"

A glance at my cell phone confirmed that it had, in fact, become 1:30 in the morning. Don't ask me how, given I have long passed the closing time partier stage of my social life. So we scooted out to the growing taxi queue on Polk Street and headed to our respective homes. And I just accepted that I wouldn't be getting much sleep. I could have captured a few more winks this morning, but because I am a certifiable freakshow, I had to get up early and go running before heading into work. At least I'm a social freakshow with a well conditioned cardiovascular system.

Tonight I should rest, but instead I'm going to meet The Other Tom for a night out. Emily, Fabulous Patti and her gentleman friend, Tim, all may catch up with us. I think I'm going to suggest Favorite Bar 2.

Tomorrow I sleep.

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