Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Should Be At The Theatre

The Berkeley Repertory Theatre, to be specific.

Instead I am at home this evening after spending the day with the beverage to the right. As it turns out, the lead actress in Mother Courage sprained her ankle, and while we mean no disrespect to the understudy, Terry and I opted to see the show another night (media passes made that decision kind of easy). But I had a very fun day, regardless.

After a lovely workout at the gym, I met Denise at Zuni Cafe for a late lunch. The lunch was good, but dessert was better: caramel pot au creme. How decadent, no? Then we walked to Zeitgeist for Anchor Steam under the afternoon sun. Zeitgeist was one of my mainstays when I was unemployed and working part time. Nothing feels more deliciously delinquent than planting yourself at a picnic table in Zeitgeist's beer patio at noon on a weekday. It certainly breaks up the monotony of job hunting. While I may now be gainfully employed, my work schedule allows for a little "delinquent" behavior every now and then. After Zeitgeist, we hit the Financial District and met the aforementioned Terry at Grumpy's for snacks, more drinks and gossip.

All in all, an excellent day off work. And Terry and I intend to catch Mother Courage in a couple of weeks.

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