Monday, September 04, 2006

Single Girl Weekend... Or Not

My twice-divorced friend Kristie came to visit me this weekend. Last year she came up to San Francisco from Southern California for a few days, and I showed her the upside of the single life. We hit Favorite Bar, Ti Couz, Casanova, the Slanted Door and a Madness concert at Bimbo's. That's right, Madness. So I was not at all surprised that she wanted to return, especially since her new job has proven a little overwhelming.

Poor Kristie. She kind of picked the wrong weekend to come back.

Not only did I have to work the entire time she was here, but also I was committed to my former co-worker James' wedding reception on Saturday and Gretchen and Paul's baby shower on Sunday. Nice single life, huh? For the record, that is not a typical Sassy weekend. Now, the wedding reception didn't actually start until 10 p.m. (don't ask me), so at least we were able to go to Favorite Bar beforehand. By the way, Kristie agrees that Favorite Bar is a wonderful place. Granted, since she doesn't live here, she really doesn't have a whole lot of perspective, but whatever. Anyway, we'd had a few cocktails by the time we got to James' wedding reception, but luckily it was really casual. So James didn't mind that we needed to leave soon after arriving so I could put myself to bed.

I call myself a partier, but I am really a total lightweight.

Gretchen and Paul's baby shower was really, really fun. And I'm not just saying that because I co-hosted it. Mostly it was fun because no stupid baby games were invited. Also, it was co-ed, which is just better. We simply gathered at Gretchen and Paul's place for snacks, drinks and to shower them with love and good wishes. Oh, and gifts. And then we borrowed an idea from the only other traditional baby shower I've attended (Sebastian's doesn't really count) and painted onesies. That is, we took a whole bunch of plain white onesies, and all the guests decorated them with fabric paint. I wrote "Brown, Class of 2027" on mine. I think their baby will appreciate that. Gretchen and Paul said they did, as long as I help them pay the tuition if their son decides he wants to go there because of me.

She didn't know anyone, but I think even Kristie had good time.

But now that the weekend is over, the more typical Sassy activities resume. Tom, Ann Marie and I are planning to see The Moore Brothers at the Make Out Room tomorrow, and I'm going to some kind of designer shoe event on Thursday. I can't afford to buy designer shoes, but I'm all for browsing with a cocktail in my hand. Okay, so I have another wedding next weekend, but then I'm off to Hawaii after that. Talk about good times.

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