Friday, January 07, 2011

Drums and Dancing

Get ready, kids, it's time for another Mod Dance Party! Oldies DJ nights happen all the time in San Francisco, but back in August, some friends and I went to a Mod-specific dance party. And this wasn't just about old music; tunes from the 60's, ditties from Mod's second wave, Paisley Underground selections, and even new songs filled the air and called us to the dance floor.  It was so much fun.

The same group of DJ's is throwing another Mod Dance Party tomorrow night, so of course I'm going, along with most of the same friends who joined me in the summer. I'm so excited. January is one of the most boring months of the year (closely followed by February), so it can use a little Mod energy boost.

Before the Mod dancing tomorrow, however, I have to attend to a little Sober Nixon business tonight. We are auditioning a drummer. Or perhaps it might be more accurate to say that he is auditioning us. We still don't have a new guitarist (see this previous post), but we just may be able to beef up our rhythm section in the meantime.  Providing he likes us.

And on Sunday, my friend Christine and I will be getting together for one of our bi-weekly cocktail and gossip sessions. Due to the holiday madness and various travel plans, we actually haven't had one of these sessions for a couple of months, so it's beyond time. There are cocktails to drink and boys to be discussed, and you know as well as I that those two things simply won't be made to wait.

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Around the Bay Gal said...

Yay! I cannot wait!!!