Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Every once in a while a girl needs a little inspiration or a pick me up.

Case in point, I found myself briefly in a bit of a blue mood yesterday, and I turned it around by reminding myself how much I enjoy my job (honestly), donning a pretty dress for the day at said job and just thinking about buying "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies from iTunes. Yes, "Sugar, Sugar," easily one of the worst pop songs in history but also one of the most fun. Buy it I did, and when it popped up on my iPod as I exercised this morning, I was embarrassed not only that I own it but also that it was making me very happy.

Music, singing or exercise usually will do the trick, but if I'm feeling especially insecure, I may need to call in the big guns. On those occasions, I try to channel the energy of someone I admire. This can be a person I actually know, someone famous or even a fictional character, and the qualities I'll try to channel generally are grace, class and confidence. I already possess these qualities, if I do say so myself, but sometimes inspirational reminders help. Like these women:



If boys can do do it, so can we: The Go-Go's

California's Attorney General


Perhaps someone will look to me for inspiration one day, but whether or not that ever happens, I hope at least I can entertain you with this space.

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