Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunshine, Cocktails and Milkshakes

How was your weekend, gentle readers? San Francisco came out of the deep freeze it was experiencing earlier this month, and we residents were treated to lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. In January, no less. I'll ignore for the moment that San Francisco rarely gets significantly colder or warmer than about 63 degrees, no matter what time of year, and simply savor the fact that we were relatively warm while much of the country remained oppressed by winter's chill.

In addition to enjoying the lovely weather, I spent a nice chunk of time this weekend doing some lovely socializing. After work on Friday I joined my friend Emily for dinner and cocktails. Then Saturday night found me out in North Beach with Janelle, Tom and Nick giggling, sipping champagne and discussing Nick's seemingly active love life. Finally, this evening I met Christine for cocktails and gossip. {You must think I'm quite the lush right about now, but I assure you that I don't usually drink so many days in a row.} The bartender provided us with quite the great cocktailing soundtrack this evening, as well. Gems from the Jam, the Records and the Bees happily tumbled from of his iPod, as did a little Rod Stewart, which made Christine happy. After we'd finished our libations and discussed all the boys worth mentioning (plus one or two not really worth mentioning), Christine and I went to a nearby diner for snacks and both indulged in milkshakes. Let's just say it's a good thing I didn't make a New Year's resolution to lose weight because those milkshakes were huge. It's also a good thing I like to exercise.

Apparently there were a couple of football games played today that captured some people's interest, but I mostly ignored them. I do know the Green Bay Packers now are going to the Super Bowl, and I guess I'll root for them at the Super Bowl party I'll be attending in two weeks since I was born in Green Bay. Instead of football, I indulged in what has become my guilty pleasure weekend television tradition: Beverly Hills, 90210 reruns on Soap Net. This weekend saw Dylan and Kelly telling a crushed Brenda that Dylan had chosen Kelly, and just two episodes later, Dylan's father was blown up. Or so we were lead to believe back in 1993. Genius, pure genius.

This week I'm looking forward to singing, of course, a little theatre and continuing the search for a new guitarist for Sober Nixon. Several friends have told me they know guitar players who might be interested, but nothing has panned out yet. So I may have to kick the search into overdrive. There are songs just waiting to covered with that special Sober Nixon touch, and surely, we can't disappoint them.

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Anonymous said...

yep the packers are in and despite their #6 seed most people expected them to win. Well, thanks for the read!