Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Music in the New Year

Did you know there is a Stiff Records cover band in San Francisco? That's right, Stiff Records! They are called I Love My Label, and they cover Kirsty MacColl, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Rachel Sweet and other Stiff artists. I must go see them. My search for a new Sober Nixon guitarist lead me to this information. So I suppose even if it takes a long time to solidify Sober Nixon's new lineup, it looks like I'll learn a few valuable things along the way.

Aside from the guitar player search, I continue pursuing my musical aspirations by singing multiple times a week and practicing at home between lessons. Here's to keeping up my discipline.

Finally, I leave you tonight with a few more pictures from New Year's Eve because...well, because they are fun photos. And because pictures from this particular party keep popping up (these are courtesy of Olena and Kevin, hosts of the party where they were taken). How can I not share?

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