Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Last Night of 2010 - First Morning of 2011

As I mentioned, I took no pictures on New Year's Eve, but my friend Heidi did. So these photos come courtesy of her. They are from the third event of my evening: the party I was attending at midnight when we all ushered in 2011. I'd say they are a pretty accurate depiction of the good time had by all.  Plus, they showcase my purple and gold New Year's Eve outfit.

Since 2011 began, things have been bubbling along quite nicely. My singing habit continues, and I exercised that habit on Monday night with some karaoke. Then last night I dined with my friends Mark and Daniel at their super fancy apartment (I think I need about six days at the gym to counteract the effects of that meal). Coming up this weekend: a Mod dance party and most likely more singing. It's a good life, and I'm glad 2011 is living up to the expectations set by the years that proceeded it.

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