Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where The Heart Is

I've been reading a few new blogs lately, many of which use photos more than text. These little chronicles have inspired me to talk in pictures more frequently, myself. Now, one of the reasons I maintain this blog is because I love to write; so pictures never will replace words here. However, variety is the spice of life, right?

One of my favorite types of posts from the blogs I've been perusing is that in which the authors display photos of their homes. It's like an everyman version of Better Homes and Gardens or Town and Country. To that end, I offer you some glimpses into my minimalist living space. I call it minimalist because I have lived in my apartment for two years, yet I still have done precious little decorating. I've not painted or hung anything on the walls (much to the relief of my landlords, I'm certain), and the only curtains I brought adorn my sliding glass doors. All the windows remain dressed with blinds only. I have managed to add a little bit of style and glamour to the rooms, however, and I've tried to capture that here. Be warned: I'm no photographer. Plus, my camera is just a digital version of one of those point-and-shoot-for-dummies numbers that I bought about four years ago at Radio Shack, of all places. I've done the best I could, though, so I hope you enjoy.

Warm living room light. Note, if you can see them, Valley of the Dolls and Milton's Paradise Lost sharing bookshelf space right next to each other. I have, indeed, read both. Speaking of books...

...I love to read, and more importantly, I love to own books. I don't think I've set foot in a library in seven years. Storing my books quickly becomes a challenge, and I am officially out of the aforementioned bookshelf space. Time to buy more furniture, I suppose.

Big sunglasses and costume jewelry. I do own some real jewelry, as well.


Minimalist mantle: candles, photographs and two birthday cards from 2009.

I haven't shaken a cocktail at home in forever, but I remain prepared.

About 15% of my CD collection. I also own a little vinyl, and yes, many mp3s.

This says it all.

In other news, I went with my friend Andrey to see The King's Speech at the Kabuki Theatre last night. The film was lovely, and as for the Kabuki... Well, I rarely see movies in the theatre, and I don't think I've been to the Kabuki in a decade. Since before they redid it and started assigning seats and serving cocktails. After last night, I think the Kabuki has ruined me for all other movie houses. And just in time for awards season.

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Edith Salvatore said...

I've read a lot of those books! I'm going through a lot of struggles trying to purge old books to make room on the shelves for new purchases...though I have found a new respect for libraries.