Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everyone's A Critic

In my continuing effort to keep this space up to date and not have a repeat of 2009 when All Things Sassy found itself woefully neglected, I really wanted to post an update this evening. However, it's been a pretty mellow couple of days featuring not much more than lots of sleep, exercise, work, a little bit of singing and my favorite television shows. Personally, I have enjoyed the time quite a bit, but none of it really makes for compelling reading. So I was stuck.

Then the universe threw me a bone.

A couple of hours ago, an anonymous reader added a rather scathing comment to my last post. I have to approve comments before you can see them, and initially, I assumed this one was spam. However, spam comments usually reference pornography or contain some kind of dubious link, and this comment did neither. Plus, it was obvious what whoever wrote it was familiar with the content of this blog. And let me tell you, he or she is most unimpressed with what is to be found here.

My first instinct, once I was done rolling my eyes, was to delete the comment. After all, why reward that kind of negativity, especially since the writer was too cowardly to identify him or herself? However, I read it a second time and found it to be really rather hilarious in its judgement. So I decided not to publish it as a comment but give it an entire post of its own and copy and paste it here. But then I started thinking about privacy on the Internet and the lack thereof, especially if you chronicle your life on a blog, complete with photos. That made me concerned that if, perhaps, the person who wrote the comment is crazy, then publishing his or her exact words might encourage further insane behavior, like stalking.

Okay, maybe I have an active imagination and have seen too many Lifetime made-for-TV movies.

In the end, I decided to merely paraphrase what the comment says because there is a reason I want to write about it. This gentle anonymous reader kindly suggested that I stop being so phony and vapid and post some real content here, such as what bothers and torments me, as opposed to focusing on shallow and silly singing adventures, parties or other activities I might enjoy. Were I to get real and take this advice, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous believes that I might actually get some readers. [Um, I'm going to take a moment to point out again that this person clearly has read at least parts this blog, but I imagine that's probably beside point.]

I bring this comment to your attention because it is true that I only choose to discuss parts of my life here. I've been found out. I'm not happy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plenty of things bother me; I feel sad on occasion; and more than one stupid boy has been known to torment me in my day. However, I don't post about that stuff, and would you like to know why? Because it is boring and tedious. Nothing bores me more on a blog than a complaining author. Now, it is true, some blogs focused on serious topics can be quite compelling. Case in point: an old friend of mine from high school has breast cancer, and she is chronicling her battle on a blog. The result is an inspiring, frustrating and very affecting read. However, too many blogs are nothing more than a series of rants and whines that I find to be incredibly self-indulgent. Yes, even more self-indulgent than my parade of posts about singing and socializing.

The blogs I like to read highlight the interests and adventures of the writer. Interests like music, movies, raising kids, food, fashion, politics, whatever. That's what this blog is: a glimpse of what I enjoy in life. I blame no one for getting bored by all the posts about singing, but it's what I do. I also happen to be very smart, well educated, and I keep up with current events. So I'm certain I have plenty thoughts that many, even the anonymous commentator, would consider to be deep and real. But at the end of the day, I am an employed, healthy American woman... meaning I lead a rather privileged life. I'm not saying that's fair, but it's the way the world is, and I can't imagine anyone wants to hear me whine about my first world problems. I know I don't.

Therefore, you aren't going to read any whining... excuse me, about my torments... here. Don't worry, my feelings won't be hurt if you consider that position to be phony and vapid and want to move on to other blogs. My five readers and I will be just fine.


Kiiiim said...

I'm on the same boat as you when it comes to the content of a blog. I actually make it a point to NOT post personal-esque things on my blog, just because it DOES get tedious. And plus, I haven't posted about my lifes "drama" since I was in high school.

On a side note: it IS your blog. If Annoymous doesn't like your posts, there's a million other blogs he can follow. I, on the other hand, like reading about your singing adventures!

camilla said...

anonymous sounds like a real douche.