Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Castle

Tonight I spent the evening in a castle. Edinburgh Castle, to be precise, on Geary Street in the Tenderloin. Should there be any doubt of this claim, I snapped the above photo of some of their beer taps.

My co-worker Bob turned 60 a couple of weeks ago, and bunches of us gathered at Edinburgh Castle tonight to celebrate. Yes, Bob had a 60th birthday party at a bar in the Tenderloin; he is that much of a rockstar. The party was an early affair, and we Bob-revelers pretty much had the place to ourselves from 6 p.m. until around 9. It was drinks, cake and fish and chips for all. The hipsters that started to trickle in beginning at about 8:30 or so looked at us with expressions of disbelief, but I'm thinking that's just because they just aren't accustomed to so many people being in the joint so early in the evening.

An oldies dance party began at Edinburgh Castle at 10:00, and I had every intention of staying to enjoy the tunes, but by 10 all of my other co-workers were gone (except Ted and Joe, who gave me a ride home), and I'd had two beers and a shot of Fernet. That's the equivalent of six beers and three shots for a normal person who is not the lightweight I am.

The party was fun, and I believe Bob had a great time, but tonight's soiree is not the most exciting thing going on in my world. Not even close. What is most exciting is that Sober Nixon has found a new guitarist! We've only played with him once, but I think he's going to work out, and I am just thrilled. In fact, that sound you hear is the shuffle of my feet as I do a serious happy dance.

So be warned, Sober Nixon has songs to sing and now a guitarist to play them. We just might turn up at a bar or club near you.


TheBayAreaBrit said...

I love The Edinburgh Castle. In fact I'm meeting an old friend there this week....and yes I will likely have at least two portions of fish 'n' chips. Don't judge me.

Diva M. said...

I had fish 'n' chips and TWO pieces of cake at the party on Saturday night. So I certainly won't judge. :-)