Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Sunny Sunday

As you may be aware, there was a little football game this afternoon. Honestly, I don't give a hoot about football, but I do like parties. So I trotted over to my friend Megan's for her Super Bowl party, where, because I was born in Green Bay, I rooted for the Packers. Megan's affair was billed as a Super Snack Party, and she certainly delivered on those snacks. We enjoyed homemade spring rolls, chicken wings, 7-layer dip and cupcakes (and we all certainly will be hitting the gym tomorrow).

The Packers showed their appreciation for my support by having the courtesy to win the game, and I even managed to pay attention to a good portion of it. I tend to care about Super Bowl commercials about as much as I do football, but I did notice a couple of cute adverts, as well. I liked the Bud Light ad which featured the wild west characters singing Elton John and the "House" promo that referenced the 1970's Coca Cola commercial with Mean Joe Green. I imagine a "House" promo doesn't count as a real commercial, but I thought it was clever... even if I was the only person at Megan's party old enough to remember that Mean Joe Green Coke ad when it actually aired.

In my continuing effort to teach myself decent photography skills, I snapped a few pictures of the festivities. They hardly qualify as art, but they get the job done.

My beverage of choice. Who needs beer when sparkling wine is available? Plus, the Vitamin C in the orange juice makes a mimosa practically health food.

I have no idea if people are watching the game or commercials at this point, but they seem riveted.

Happy partiers.

Megan's chocolate-sour cream cupcakes. I bet they have these in Heaven.

Me with the hostess. Any occasion is the perfect occasion for me to don my Nanette Lepore red cherry dress, even a Super Bowl party in Megan's kitchen.

In other news, we enjoyed some amazing weather in San Francisco this weekend. Summers in the City by the Bay may be cold and foggy, but this February weekend saw nothing but sunshine and temperatures well into the mid-to-upper 70's. Take that, winter! Plus, I did a fair amount of socializing in addition to Megan's party. On Friday night I sang songs with my friend Ash and some of his buddies, and on Saturday evening I helped my friend Andrew celebrate his 40th birthday and his recent engagement.

I could get accustomed to a life full of weekends as lovely as this one.

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