Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If You Can't Save Ferris, Join Him

Yesterday was Presidents' Day, and while many people had the day off, I was at work. However, today I more than made up for that. While virtually everyone else was emerging from three-day weekend hangovers and returning to their jobs this morning, I got to sleep in.

You see, my dear friend Gabriella, whom I have known since the 2nd grade, was in town for business today, and we planned to meet for an early dinner at around 4 p.m. Instead of negotiating to leave my job early, I simply decided to burn a vacation day and enjoy my own personal February holiday.

After getting some exercise, I met my accountant for our annual tax appointment. Couldn't hurt to be a little productive on my day off, could it? That was done just before noon, leaving me lots of time to wander downtown in the sunshine. I procured a Specialties milk chocolate chip cookie for nibbling (if you've had their cookies, then you know), popped into Tiffany to admire all the jewelry I can't afford, visited Borders Union Square to, that's right, check on the liquidation discounts, and snapped pictures of things I see all the time because I am lucky enough to live in the City by the Bay.

Not bad for a Tuesday, wouldn't you say?

Market and New Montgomery Streets.

Tea time at the Palace Hotel.

The Ferry Building as the sun is thinking about setting.

Late afternoon bubbles.

Me and Gabree. Not the best picture of me ever taken, but it gets the job done.

As seen from MUNI: Pacific Heights once day has turned to night.

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