Monday, February 28, 2011

Walking In L.A.

Greetings from glamorous Hollywood. Or Los Feliz, as the case may be. I'm currently on a little mini-holiday in Los Angeles, and so far it has been so much fun.

I arrived yesterday afternoon, just in time for the Academy Awards. While I watched it on TV, just as I would have in San Francisco, I was watching on a TV that lives only three miles from the Kodak Theatre. So I was practically there in person. Tonight, my sister Patti and I went to celebrate her birthday at Malo in Silver Lake, where every Monday is taco night. So yummy and so cheap on Mondays. You must try it. Unfortunately, the evening at Malo was not so pleasant for the cute hipster guy sitting at the table next to ours. It had nothing to do with the restuarant, but about halfway through his dinner, someone I assume to be his agent called and told him he had not been chosen for an acting job. He seemed pretty unhappy after taking that call. No one said Hollywood is easy.

I'm here in the City of Angels until Wednesday evening, and I've started taking bunches of pictures, which I will post upon my return to the Bay. Until then, it's sunshine and movie stars for me.

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